Wedding Videos with Passion and Style – I Shoot You Edit Video

As a long time wedding video production company in the Ottawa Kanata area, Ottawa Wedding Videos has established a unique styling in wedding video coverage and production. From the exotic to a more traditional video, or the production of an emotionally charged Bride prep video, we aim to provide a lasting and memorable visual document of your wedding day. Our reputation is built on offering simple yet elegant wedding videos for the discriminating bride.

That being said, I have decided to shift our wedding video business to offering DIY or Do it Yourself videos almost exclusively. That is, I will shoot your entire wedding day, the key activities, when and where they are held for one single low cost. The caveat being there is no final production (editing) of the raw footage to finished production ready Blu ray or DVD. This will be up to you undertake to produce.

You will get all of the raw unedited footage that I have shot (standard SD or HD video) on a hard drive or a USB stick and you will have the option of creating your own wedding video. Given the lower cost of video editing tools, its ease of use and a chance to unleash your own creativity, why not. You will save a lot of money and get more video footage than a ‘Package’ shoot will offer. Pro editing costs can be quite high and usually drive the overall package price. Why not do it yourself?

Not to leave you entirely on the ‘where do I start’ question, I have written a FREE TIPS and TRICKS guide you can download for a huge heads up. Give it a read.

In addition to my DIY wedding video service, I will offer only one complete wedding video package and that’s the Ceremony Only Video. A nice stand alone video covering the start to finish of the events of the ceremony.

You can reach me directly at (613) 836-1569 for a chat, or email me or use our Contact page to get more info regarding our services and to discuss what you would like to see in your wedding video albums.

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